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Family Applications

Joining or remaining with family in the UK

There have been many changes to the family settlement rules over the last couple of years. The advice below is intended only as a general guide. If you have any specific questions please contact us.

Our services

We advise and assist applicants with the following issues:

  • Spouse/unmarried partner/fiancé(e) entry clearance applications;

  • Entry clearance reviews/appeals;

  • Further leave to remain as a spouse/unmarried partner;

  • Indefinite leave to remain as a spouse/unmarried partner;

  • Entry clearance applications for other family members e.g. dependent children, elderly parents and more removed relatives;

  • Appeals against refusals of any of the above;

  • Further leave to remain as the victim of domestic violence;

If you would like to know more about our services or need help with any of these matters, contact us for a free assessment.

Entry clearance refused?

The British post must give you a formal notice setting out the reasons why your application has been refused and information about your right of appeal.

All refused applicants under these rules have an automatic right of appeal to the Immigration and Asylum Chamber (IAC) in the UK. At the same time as making an appeal, it is a good idea to present the British post directly with arguments requesting a review of their decision and explaining why their decision was unfair or incorrect or some other reason it should be changed. Good arguments can sometimes make the entry clearance officer (ECO) change their mind and grant a visa without the need to go to an appeal. 

For more details on our appeals services visit our Visa Refusals page or contact us for a free assessment.

Switching (changing from another status to marriage status)

Generally, anyone with leave to remain in the UK for more than 6 months, that has not remained in the UK in breach of the immigration rules can switch and apply to remain as a spouse.

This means that people in the UK as students (more than 6 months) and workers can switch into this category by making the required application.

Private Life Applications

Recent changes to the Immigration Rules now allow for those who have lived in the UK for 20 years or more (whether legally or illegally) to apply to remain here.

It may also be possible to obtain Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK earlier if you were born in the UK or came here as a child and have spent at least half your life here.

Private Life applications are usually complex so contact us for more information or assistance.

Other miscellaneous family applications:
There are separate provisions relating to the following:

  • Partners of EEA Nationals;

  • Partners of Refugees;

  • Victims of domestic violence; 

  • People whose partners have died – Bereaved Spouse;

  • Partners and family of people here with limited leave;

  • Other dependent relatives including elderly parents and children;

  • Other compassionate circumstances;

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